Sky Gilbert’s It’s All Tru

David Coomber, Tim Post, in It's All True, photo by Seanna Kennedy

David Comber, Tim Post in It’s All Tru. Photo by Seanna Kennedy.

Hot older guy falls for hot younger guy and all goes well until younger guy has a bit on the side and then – well, in any normal play there’d be jealousy and insecurity and all kinds of other regular-type emotions. But this is a Sky Gilbert play and there’s a message and the message, while compelling and important and beautifully dramatized, almost gets in the way not of the drama but of its pathos. The characters are nicely drawn and the actors – Tim Post, David Coomber, Caleb Olivieri – do a beautiful job of bringing them to life, so it’s a shame that they don’t get to develop a bit more. Older guy came out late and is doing his best, younger guy is a bit of a ditz, but a ditz with a conscience, while the cute catalyst at the other end of the triangle is touchingly if unreasonably romantic. But none of them really get to work through the implications of their own characters because they’re too busy pushing the message, most of which revolves around the issue of unprotected sex and who’s responsible for what. In the end, Sky makes his point, and makes it so forcefully that you’ll probably want to go home and brush up on the issues raised, but it comes at the cost of the characters, who are so likeable you’d like them to stick around and maybe end up in a situation that’s a tad less black and white. Good play, but frustrating. It’s All Tru continues until May 14th at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Catch it if you can.