Cool Chronology

Part two of Don McLeod’s magisterial account of early Canadian gay lib is out and available on-line. It’s a chronology with sources rather than a straightforward history and so maybe not something you’re likely to read straight through, but it’s an absolutely invaluable source for the still wildly uncharted territory of Canadian gay history and even the most casual browse is likely to provoke a couple of bouts of “Oh, I remember that,” or better yet, “I didn’t know that.” Want to know when Anita Bryant visited Toronto, the feds allowed gay immigration or the police raided the Body Politic? Here’s where you’ll find it.

Part one, Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada: A Selected Annotated Chronology, 1964-1975, came out in 1996 and was initially available in paper. Part two, covering the years 1976–1981, is about three times the size and only available on-line. (I hear it would have been too expensive to print.) Online is of course easier to search than paper, but I hope somebody will eventually issue it in paper-bound format. Something this valuable deserves to be made permanent.


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