Kiss the concrete, suckers

Activists' sign on the northeast corner of a proposed condo development in downtown Toronto

Park, condo or both?

Now that Lanterra Developments has bought the vacant lot north of the Toronto Central YMCA for $65 million and announced plans for major condo construction, you can kiss any hope of a decent park goodbye. Area residents have long coveted more green space in the sharply over-built downtown core, but developers, of course, usually have other ends in mind, and while Lanterra appears willing to go along with a condo-plus-park concept, it also sounds like the park is a bargaining chip in its negotiations with the city; i.e. it’s only a go if the developer gets its way elsewhere. Kristyn Wong-Tam, councillor for the area, is gunning for green space, but given her track record I wouldn’t bet on any extravagant resolution. After 2 1/2 years in office, the neophyte councillor is best known for putting flower pots on Yonge Street.IMG_9101


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