Smash loses its sass

Wow, they certainly knocked the stuffing out of Smash when they took it in for a re-tool. My favourite show of last year has re-emerged, half a season later (10 p.m. Tue. on NBC), as a shadow of its former very gay self. Tom the gay composer is still around but not his hot dancer boyfriend and the terribly cute wannabe producer who would sleep with anyone to get ahead (including other guys) is long gone. Worse, the chorus member who was forever ogling the male talent has had his lines cut to near zip. It wasn’t until episode four that he was allowed a single overt cruise. For me he was the voice of every lecherous, funny gay man out there, and his diminution is a major loss to the show. The show is still watch-able but for gay men it’s back to the 1940s, a time when the only plausible gay heroes on screen were “strong” women. So who are you cheering for, Ivy, the brassy, slutty blonde with the heart of gold, or Karen, the good-girl brunette who pines for a bad boy? They both want to be Marilyn. Now there’s a progressive choice.


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